The Trestle Pine Topper is designed to be a little heavier duty pocket knife then the Superior or the Grand Portage.  Measuring 3.625" OAL close and 6.375" open.  Blade thickness is .10" .  The Saber Ground Clip Blade is made of S30V steel for maximum performance.  This Premium steel exhibits top notch strength and edge retention for serious use in the field without needing constant attention.  The Screwdriver / Cap Lifter is 420 Stainless and meant to be a convenient tool to maybe open a favorite beverage while you use the screwdriver to make minor repairs to your camping or fishing equipment.

A number of handle materials are offered including the Old Growth  Oak, Ash, Maple and Yellow Birch.  A limited number of exotic handle materials are also offered in woods such as Black Ash Burl, Clear Box Elder Burl, etc.

The name, Topper, is derived from a trout lake in North Eastern Minnesota of the same name.  It's not a large lake by any means and requires a bit of a hike to get into and a fairly steep carry down to the lake with the canoe.  You don't drive up to the lakes edge and drop your canoe in.  A little work is required to enjoy the lake.  I have many great memories of trips into Topper Lake.  Some are of outstanding fish we've caught and released and some are simply of great days spent on the water with my wife or a friend just taking in the beautiful surroundings.  

One of my favorites involved a friend and I fishing Brook Trout from the canoe on gorgeous fall day.  Both of us have taken many Brook Trout over the years and my fishing partner has one over 4#'s hanging on his wall.  While I was paddling the canoe, Stan was casting and retrieving when for some reason, I glanced over my shoulder just in time to see a huge boil in the water right behind his lure.  The back and tail of that trout looked like Moby Dick making one last pass at the Pequod.  We both froze for a few seconds and then burst out laughing realizing we had just seen the biggest Brook Trout we'd ever encountered in the water.  That fish easily would have topped 5#'s.  

The most thought provoking moment came with my nephew Mike as we carried the canoe down to the lakes edge.  There had been a major windstorm come through that year and it had toppled some huge pines, uprooting them and exposing the root ball.  The ball of dirt around the roots was probably close to 8' in height so you can imagine it was a fairly old tree.  As we walked past it, I noticed something sticking out of the dirt that didn't belong there.  We stopped and a little digging revealed an old fishing lure from the early part of the century stuck in the roots.

We spent the better part of the day wondering who might have lost that lure on the shore as they went through their tackle so many years ago when that huge pine was little more then a seedling.  Did they catch any fish?  Most likely it was a logger or a trapper as they were no resorts in the early 1900's to stay at.  Wonder if they enjoyed their day on Topper as much as we did.  

Topper is a gorgeous lake leaving me with many fond memories.  I hope the Topper knife will do the same for you!

Trestle Pine "Topper".